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Wonder what the future holds for our industry? Take a step into the tomorrow land of produce: the FutureTEC Zone. Discover start-up companies with limited commercialization that are ready to solve your business challenges with their innovative solutions.

Find ways to improve your operations, tools, and services through new technology - all in one place. Interact with incubators of start-ups and companies in early stages of commercialization and find the solutions and services that will drive the produce industry forward.

Gear up for your future strategy planning at the FreshTEC Learning Center, where Future TEC Zone start-ups will share 5-minute pitches in TEC Talks.


For more information on the 2017 United FreshTEC Expo & Conference, contact Allison Nepveux at 202-303-3411.


Participating Companies:

AGERpoint Inc.

Recent advances in technology have led to increased efficiency in almost all areas of business, including agriculture.  Developments in field based phenotyping offer the promise of greatly increasing growers' ability to keep track of what is happening in their fields. However, the transition from raw data to actionable information is complex and often difficult to achieve.  This has particularly been the case with agricultural products that grow on vines, bushes and trees (permanent crops).  AGERpoint offers growers of permanent crops a way to operationalize the increasingly affordable data made possible through technology advances by providing the back-end, analytic services that have not previously been available.  We can turn data collected through laser and photographic scans of groves into geolocated information on crop health, tree inventory, and anticipated yields, and present it in a graphical format that can be linked to any other standard GIS library of data, such as elevation, soil type and rainfall. With our systems, a grower standing in his field can see which assets are profitable, and which need attention.  Our products can also help growers reduce the cost of their operations by providing the data input required by a wide range of automated equipment.

Apeel Sciences

 Currently over 45% of the fresh produce grown worldwide is lost to spoilage. This amounts to over 1 trillion dollars in value lost every year.

Apeel Sciences creates products from natural plant extracts that allow growers to reduce reliance on pesticides, increase produce quality, and extend shelf life. Apeel's natural products are made from food and work by fortifying the surfaces of fresh produce with an edible, ultra-thin barrier that protects against water loss and oxidation. Resistance against water loss and oxidation means better produce quality and reduced spoilage, in turn reducing water use and energy costs and helping to preserve natural ecosystems. 

Arable Labs, Inc. 

Arable is a data and analytics company that addresses supply chain risk in food and agriculture by predicting timing, quality, perishability, and yield.


Spend less time managing farm food safety and regulations with CompWALK.farm. CompWALK.farm is a web and mobile platform developed to better manage on-farm food safety operations and save you time. Growers can conduct farm food safety inspections, complete self-assessments, download GAP and FSMA templates and store documents in a single location. CompWALK.farm provides the guidance and clarity to prepare for FSMA and harmonized GAP inspections with alerts and notifications to ensure your farm food safety operations stay on track. Visit www.compwalk.farm to learn more.


CropTrak perfects capturing and reporting Farm, Food, and Compliance data in a single integrated environment across all agricultural areas including: row crops, produce and tree crops.  The CropTrak framework enables users to customize their iOS experience and offers extended capabilities through a corresponding web application. All while also offering tightly integrated security with Amazon Cloud services.  CropTrak ensures collaboration and coordination of distributed teams, with each user uniquely configured based on their needs.

Dine Market 

Farm QA

Farm QA brings sensors to measure key process points in fields in the raising of crops with a central enterprise class software platform to allow global firms the tools to bring quality process control to food production.


Field Data Collection and Analytics for Hand picked Crops

FreshBox Farms

FreshBox Farms’ indoor hydroponic farms are bringing fresh produce closer to your home by breaking down the old barriers set by traditional farming. Our produce is delivered to stores within 24 hours of harvest; often in the same day. Growing indoors at our farm in Millis, Massachusetts, means our greens are always in-season, and are available FRESH all year-round. FreshBox Farms’ greens are of the highest quality and grown purely, without ever using pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any other chemicals. Our crops are never genetically modified and proudly verified by the Non-GMO Project.

FreshSurety Corporation 

FreshSurety Corporation provides the fresh produce industry with accurate product quality and shelf life information as it moves from farm to supermarket. The company's proprietary internet-of-things technology reports real-time location, environment, and freshness data for individual produce cases anywhere in the world at a few cents per case. FreshSurety clients use this information to improve customer quality, reduce waste and increase profit margins. 

Full Harvest 

Full Harvest helps growers get the most out of a harvest and food companies save money by bringing farm excess to market. We are a B2B platform connecting large farms to food businesses to sell significantly discounted, yet perfectly good surplus and imperfectly shaped produce that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Gen2, LLC 

Gen2’s focus is on greater utilization of societal resources and betterment of the environment in which we live by converting existing waste materials into multiple energy products.  Extracting additional energy from these materials generates a second purpose (or second generation) for their existence, which leads to the derivation of the name Gen2. We have built our business around best-of-class technologies, allowing the realization of our vision of a future where waste is converted to energy (WTE) in the forms of electricity, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and high-grade oil. Our technologies are adaptive and allow customization to optimize each specific situation.  Our processes are closed-loop; very low carbon footprint processes, without emissions that could harm the environment, thereby creating the ultimate waste solution.

Learn more by visiting our website: www.Gen2wte.com

Growing Veterans 

Growing Veterans provides returning veterans of all eras Peer Support training, which discusses what PTSD is and is not, encourages open story telling and trust, and teaches understanding of the language of self-harm, in hopes that recognition during casual conversation will lead to intervention and treatment.

We further offer the opportunity to enjoy the enduring effects of that training, while working and playing in our organic fields.  We employ a small number of veterans, and we welcome both veteran and civilian volunteers.

Grubbable Inc 

Grubbable is an online local food marketing marketplace that connects consumers with local farms, artisans and restaurants that make locally sourced & sustainable foods. In other words, Grubbable is an all encompassing suite of local food solutions all in one place with built in marketing and sale tools for local food businesses to sell their products and get the word out to more customers. We want to shift the culture from just eating well to eating right as well. Together with the help of the growing local food business community, we are looking to disrupt a $20 Billion market for local food & ecommerce sales!

We are your "One Stop Shop For All Things Local & Sustainable Food"!

Please visit us at https://www.grubbable.com/ and @grubbable on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest!

Hazel Technologies, Inc. 

USDA-Funded company developing new products for extending the shelf life of produce for grower-shippers across California, Florida, Washington, and Latin America. We currently offer 2 products new to the market:

Fruitbrite™: a slow release I-MCP product for stone fruit, melons, tropicals, and other ethylene sensitive fruits and veg.

BerryBrite™: an anti-fungal product for berries.

Find out more at www.hazeltechnologies.com

iFood Decision Sciences, Inc

Inteligistics, Inc.

We are a software solutions company. We offer advanced temperature visibility solutions to improve quality, freshness, and shelf life of fresh produce along with traceability and regulatory compliance. We have an ecosystem of visibility solutions that cut across entire supply chains from 'field to fork.' We provide visibility using mobile devices, web and integrate data with customer systems.


Greenhouses play a big role in year round production and supply to consumers. From communication breakdowns or delayed response to plant health issues, operational blindness leads to waste for growers everywhere. We set out to solve the problems for growers to enable them to focus on what they do best. 


LumiGrow (LG) is an LED lighting company offering lighting solutions to the multi-billion dollar indoor agriculture industry.  The company’s products enable greenhouse growers to reduce energy consumption by as much as 60% relative to high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting, while increasing crop yield and quality. Lumigrow is currently a hardware company, but is launching software to enable remote management of light quality and timing. It hopes that software licensing will become an increasing component of revenue over the next 3-4 years. 


PowerGrow designs, finances, builds, owns and operates our patented, renewable powered high-tech glass greenhouses on behalf of our grower partners. We deliver our Greenhouse as a Service to growers, enabling them to preserve capital, increase profit margins, conserve natural resources and optimize growing operations.

PowWow Energy 

PowWow Energy provides a Software-as-a-Service to assist growers increase yield while reducing energy and water inputs. Our farm customers have a problem and it is that they do not have the time keep up with regulations and they are struggling to remain competitive. We solve that problem by measuring water and making compliance easier. We also alert them where on their field they can recover revenue losses. On average our customers improve profitability by $200 per acre. We make money by selling an annual subscription of $25 per acre. We are different because we don’t need new hardware to install. We have a unique data set of utility data, weather records and aerial images. Growers can also add securely their own farm data to get more precise answers. The company is based in California and was founded by start-up veterans who grew up in farming communities.


ripe.io is applying Blockchain and IOT to the food system to provide radical transparency and value-added solutions for food producers & distributors. Specifically ripe.io provides a supply chain scorecard, software as a service to provide deep insight on food safety, sustainability, taste and quality. 

Robot Rebuilt 

Advanced robotic manipulation using tactile perception

Royse AgTech Innovation Network 

The Royse AgTech Innovation Network supports companies focused on creating new technologies for the agriculture and food industries.

We connect promising startups with markets, financiers and partners. The Royse AgTech Innovation Network hosts Conferences devoted to AgTech, as well as demo days, meetings and pitch sessions for select start-up companies with farmers, ag and food companies, and investors. The Royse AgTech Innovation Network is dedicated to technology companies focused on agriculture and food production.


Sample6 is making food safer by delivering two powerful tools to the food industry, Sample6 DETECT diagnostic and Sample6 CONTROL software.

Sample6 DETECT is an on-site in-shift pathogen diagnostic. Sample6 CONTROL is environmental monitoring software which makes your critical plant data visible and actionable. Scheduling, monitoring and reporting of environmental programs become easy and efficient as the process and notifications are automated. Sample6 CONTROL works with the tests you already use today, while data from Sample6 DETECT is automatically integrated making the workflow even more seamless.

Scan X Technologies Inc. 

ScanX's Immediate Testing Technology provides crucial transparency to today's global food supply chain. By increasing the speed, scope, and simplicity of testing for pathogens and pesticides, ScanX can save lives, reduce food waste, protect brands, and improve the efficiency of perishable supply chains. The company's proprietary spectral fingerprinting technology enables real time testing to be done on more targets with less expensive equipment.

Shelf Engine 

Shelf Engine, uses artificial intelligence to help retailers and distributors order better to optimize for profits in highly perishable food categories. Shelf Engine’s order prediction engine analyzes historical order and sales data to generate automated order recommendations that maximize sell-through and profits, while minimizing waste. The longer a retailer uses the system the more accurate its recommendations become, allowing stores to double their bottom line by eliminating substantial waste, increasing their sales and reducing the time required to manage their ordering process.

Spensa Technologies, Inc.

Spensa's mission is to develop a network of industry-leading devices and innovative software technologies for superior detection of pests, such as insects, weeds and disease. We strive to reduce reliance of manual labor and safely enhance crop production to help feed the world. Spensa gathers high resolution data, models that data to reveal insights, and clearly presents the findings to help growers make the most informed agronomic decisions possible. For more information, visit www.spensatech.com

SWIIM System, Ltd. 

SWIIM® System is offered as a full, turn-key solution that allows us to produce a very accurate on-farm water budget.  It includes a software suite that enables agricultural water users to optimize crop water use through the use of sensors, data loggers, telemetry and remote sensing via satellite A crop water budget is produced with the data collected over 60 times an hour and delivered to the client in an on-line report through a mobile device or written report. Our patented process co-developed with the help of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, monitors crop-water on flows, consumptive use, precipitation, and weather data to produce a comprehensive water budget. This information can be used for conservation or alternative water use such as leasing to cities and industry in need. Also it will satisfy new regulations now in the process of becoming law in CA. Farmers in water districts that pay incentives for water conservation will also benefit from the increased accuracy SWIIM delivers and may increase their income using the data given to them.

TerrAvion, Inc 

TerrAvion is a subscription based, aerial imagery service that provides farmers high resolution (18cm in the reflectance bands) images every 7-14 days throughout the growing season (depending on region). Images include Natural Color, Color Infra-red, Vigor Index and Thermal layers, and are sent to growers within 24 hours of collection. The images can be viewed at the desktop or any iOS or Android enabled device and can be used offline in remote areas. The service includes features such as a week to week comparison viewer, summary statistics package, .shp file exporter for zone establishment/management and many others. Please visit us at www.terravion.com.

Trace Genomics, Inc. 

Trace Genomics is machine learning enabled genomics company in the agriculture & food industries. They launched the first microbiome test for the food supply. Touted as the "23andMe" of soils, they are aiming to disrupt a $60 billion dollar agriculture inputs and testing market. The Trace Genomics platform enables screening of dozens of disease-causing microbes, and provides a comprehensive overview of the beneficial organisms in the soil. Our expertise is in interpreting microbial communities into actionable recommendations for farmers. Our machine learning platform enables early soil disease prediction, evaluation of agricultural inputs, and identifying microbial drivers of crop disease, yield and food quality. The network effects of the Trace Genomics platform, leveraged from a high-quality soil microbial database tailored for agricultural production, enables delivery of uniquely predictive insights for farming operations.


A simple job management system for crop spraying that
- gets tractors in the correct block
- makes sure all rows get covered
- reports what has happened
- with no mistakes

using a combination of simple cloud system and specialist in cab GPS hardware.
Is already widely used in Australia and has been described as the simplest job management system in the world

Village Capital 

Village Capital finds, trains, and funds entrepreneurs solving major gobal challenges. Village Capital manages the longest-running food and agriculture accelerator in the country and is ranked in the top 3 in the world for agtech accelerators. Village Capital builds communities around entrepreneurs to improve business success. Village Capital's peer review model delivers better results for entrepreneurs and investors. Over 600 entrepreneurs have gained access to opportunity through over 60 programs, and graduates have leveraged initial capital 15:1, created over 10,800 jobs, and served over 5 million customers. Learn more at www.vilcap.com

WaterBit, Inc 

WaterBit delivers Automated MicroBlock Irrigation Solutions to address yield variability driven from soil/crop combinations. The product is anchored with zero-maintenance, ultra-low power hardware and tailored application software. It is well suited to automated interval watering adjusted to your soil conditions, crop and stage of growth.

WaterBit is vertically integrated, with in-house sensor development, hardware and software, optimized for a reliable and seamless usage model.

Wexus Technologies Inc. 

Wexus (Water-Energy Nexus) mobile, cloud-based software platform into California's agricultural industry. The Wexus platform leverages existing utility meter infrastructure and helps agribusinesses to quickly access energy (and water) usage and spending data from virtually anywhere on any mobile device. Through customized alerts and reporting, the platform allows farms to quickly respond to changes in energy usage, adjust and optimize equipment in the field, and reduce operational expenses due to energy costs.


Are you an incubator of start-ups? Are you a new solution or service that is looking for opportunities to commercialize? Exhibit in the FutureTEC Zone.